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Diploma in Desktop Publishing
MODULE 1 - (6 Months)

Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Computer & data processing, Input & Output Devices, Disk Operating System, Viruses, Computer Operations & Central Processing Unit. Windows’XP/Vista: Windows O/S, Working with Application Programs, Using Notepad, Making Images with Paint, Control Panel Items, Playing Movie. Networking: Windows NT Environment, Network Topologies, Networking in Windows’2000. Microsoft Office XP: MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access.

MODULE 2 - (6 Months)
PageMaker 7.0:
Constructing a Publication, Text Formatting & Word Processing, Composition & Typography, Graphics & Text Objects, Indexes, Contents, & Pagination, Defining, Applying, & Trapping Color, Color Management, Importing, Linking, & Exporting, Printing.

CorelDraw 12:
Working with Tools, Drawing shapes, Working with objects, color, pages and layout, and color effects, Adding 3-dimensional effects to objects, Changing the transparency of objects, Adding and formatting text, Working with bitmaps, Creating, Publishing to the Web, Commercial printing.

Adobe Photoshop:
Display file information in the document window, Palettes & Menus, Tools, Photo Editing, manage workspaces, Bitmap images and vector graphics, Pixel dimensions & image resolution, Adjusting image size & resolution, Importing scanned images, create a new image, Change Color modes, create a shape, Painting.

Internet Online:
Introduction to Internet, Installing and Configuring Internet tool, Introduction to www, File Transfer Protocol, e-mail, Evolution of Internet, Connecting to Internet, Surfing Website, Working offline, Downloading files, Handling e-mail, Attachments.

Hardware and Networking   

  • ADCHN 12/24 Months
  • Advanced Courses on Networking(Other Courses)

(Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking)

Module # 1 - Component Level
Certificate in Basic Electronics: Analog: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Magnetism, Transformer, Semiconductor Physics,, AC  Fundamentals. Digital: Counters,  Memories, Flip-Flops, Multiplexer, Logic Gates, De Multiplexer, Binary Number System, Demorgan’s Theorem, Karnaugh Maps. Microprocessor: 8085 Architecture & pinout Instruction Set, I/O Interfacing, DMA,  Interrupts, Straight Lines, Branches jumps, Stacks, Subroutine Interrupts

.Module # 2 - Certificate in Computer Installation
(A) Bootable/Master/Startup floppy/CD, Partitioning: O.S. & Devices Installation: Configuration, Motherboard, Sound, Display, CD-ROM, CD-Writer, Printer, TV-Tuner, Modem, Digital/Web Camera, Scanner, Multimedia K.B., Optical/USB Mouse  Application s/w Installation:  MS-Office, DTP, Tally, Programming language, Games command line/Graphical line. Diagnostic Tools: Disk Manager, Data recovery, Norton Anti-Virus, Partition Magic, Virtual Drive, Bad Sector Remover
(B) Mobile Loading & Troubleshooting: ”Mobile Memory Card” Downloading Softwares , Themes, Games, Installation, Software Troubleshooting, Operating System & Drives, Removing the Mobile Viruses.

Module # 3 - Certificate in Computer Hardware
Peripherals: FDD, HDD, Monitors Monochrome/Colour, SMPS, Keyboard & Mouse, CD-ROM, I/O Slots. Component level & Chip level Repairing: Monitor/ SMPS, Key Board & Mouse, F.D.D & CD ROM, 286, 386, 486, P-I, P-II, P-III, P-IV Technology & Assembling Testing of Motherboard with CRO & Logic Probe. Prepare in lab: Diode tester, Transistor Tester, Adapter

Module # 4 - Certificate in Windows NT & Networking
NT Workstation: Installation and Configuration, Organizing Programs and Documents, Setting Objects Properties, Printing, Sights and Sounds, Browsing the WWW with IE, NT Server: Windows NT Server, Planning Your Network, Designing NT Server, Installing NT Server, Working from NT Server Desktop, Anatomy of Registry, Managing and creating User Accounts, Security Concepts and Terminology, NT Server O/s, Developing Intranet Systems, Installing Internet Information Server, Network Protection and Disaster Recovery.

Module # 5 - Certificate in Computer Operator
Internet Online: Introduction to Internet, Installing and Configuring Internet Tool, Introduction to www, File Transfer Protocol, e-mail, Evolution of Internet, Connecting to Internet, Surfing Website.
Accounting Software: Tally 5.4/6.3 manual accounting concepts, basic concept of computerized accounting and inventory system, introduction with tally, creation of company, features & configuration, accounts information, inventory information, vouchers, accounting reports, inventory reports, balance sheet, profit & loss A/C, stock Summary, ratio analysis. MS Office 2003: MS-Word, Excel, MS-PowerPoint, D.T.P.: Adobe PageMaker 7, CorelDraw12, Photoshop 7.

Module # 6 - Certificate  in  Windows’2003  Networking
Defining Windows-2003: Pre-Installation and System Analysis, Installing Win’2003 Professional, Troubleshooting the Setup Fine-Tuning Win-2003 Pro: Tunning Win’2000 performance, Fine-Tuning Win’2003 Security, Win’2003 Registry Working with Win-2003: Working with File system, Installing Applications, Exploring the CLI, Printing and Faxing with Win’2003, Using on Laptop. Goes to the Internet: Direct Cable Connections, Setting up TCP/IP Protocol Access, Using IE & Outlook Exp. Networking Win-2003 Pro: Networking Protocols, Users and Groups, IIS, Setting Intranet, Linux and Win’2003 Administering Win-2003: Disaster Recovery, Event Viewer Performance Monitor, Task Manager, Win2003 Diagnostics, Terminal Services and Client (Licenses Management).

Module # 7 - Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Training
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Essentials (RH033):Overview, Command Lin File system Browsing, GNOME and KDE Desktop, the bash Shell, Users, Groups and Permissions vi and vim Editor, Basic and  Printing the Linux File system, Configuring GNOME, KDE and X - based Tolls, the bash Shell and configuration, Advanced Topics in users, Group, And permission, Advanced uses of the vi & vim Editors, Standard I/O and pipes, Introduction to string processing string Processing with Regular Expressions Introducing to Processes, bash Shell scripting, Basic Networking Clients Programming and Administration.Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration (RH133):Installation System Initialization and Service, Kernel Service and Configuration Lab, Configuration Kernel parameters, File system Management, Network Configuration RPM and viclestant, User Administration Printing and Admin Tools, The X Window System Advanced File System Management Troubleshooting. Red Hat Enterprise Network Services and Security Administration (Rh133): Introducing To System Services, Organizing Networked Systems, Network File Sharing Service, Electronics Mail Service, HTTP Service, Security Concerns & Policy Authentication Service, System Monitoring, Securing Networks

Module # 8 - Novell Networking Administration
Intra net-aware LAN 4.11/6.1- 3 Topologies: User Creation, Security Features Cabling, NDS, Client 32 Installation, Protocols, Installation of Server, N/W Printing, OSI Layer, Server Commands. 4.11/ 6.1 Administration, 4.11/6.1 Advance Administration, Installation & Configuration Design & Implementation, Building Intranetaware, Service & Support with Intrnetawares Networking Techniques, Intranetaware.

Module # 9 - Sun Unix & Sun Solaris Administration
Introduction to Unix/ Sun Operation System maintenance, File System & Backup, Managing programs in a UNIX/ Sun environment, Advanced networking & file system concepts

Module # 10 - Cisco - CCNA
Layered Models, TCP/IP, Building a Network, Managing CISCO in an Internetwork, Recovering the password IP Routing, Switching,  Virtual LANs, WAN.